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Lilith Knight
15 April 2007 @ 04:51 pm
Wow. Look at my shiny new journal just waiting for me to fill it with writing. :) (Not that I've done much more than set the scheme and add a few people whose fics I like.) Hopefully, this will encourage me to get off my ass and actually write something again in the near future. Also, I'd like to join some fic communities and possibly become a more active member in certain fandoms, and leave more comments since the only thing I seem be doing is reading fic these days. How passive of me.

My problem has never been lack of ideas... Okay, so it's rarely been lack of ideas. Mostly, it's just I get involved in various projects in real life that take up a lot of my time. Especially school. I've been known to drop off the net for months at a time due to school. Anyway, what I plan on doing soon is editing some of my older fics (if real life doesn't get in the way) and possibly finishing some works-in-progress that have been sitting, neglected, on my hard drive for what seems like forever. In the meantime, you can head on over to Fanfiction.Net aka The Pit of Voles (my Author Profile is in the links section on the right), and see them as they are now.

First on the list to be edited is "Uncharted Waters" as I am desperately unhappy with the descriptions right now (a shame since I was so proud of them before), and probably a few X-Men ones. (My writing style has improved a lot since then.) Definitely the Anita Blake/Lost Boys one... Or possibly just label it crack!fic and alter a few minor details. Hmm. It's a thought.

Then there are a few Supernatural ideas I've been batting around, trying to make something of. One is a pre-series with Sam at age sixteen where I would have to rework the monster of the week and the plot to have something useable. I was partway though writing it and someone else posted using the same monster and a scarily similar plot. Not that I begrudge her that. She did it better which was actually pretty cool. I also have an X-Men: Evolution twisted fairytales thing I was having fun working on, and a couple Harry Potter fics. Anyone is welcome to comment with suggestions as to what they'd like to see first.

I'm not sure what real life has in store so I can't make any promises though.
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